Web Site Portfolio

Offa’s Dyke Association

The original website for the Offa’s Dyke Association had been designed quite a number of years ago, and they were looking for an updated look and feel.  They were also looking to revamp their accommodation list and shop and make both much more useful.   I was able to take their existing database of accommodation providers and automatically mark them on digital Ordnance Survey maps, in such a way that the image is generated on the fly and is therefore 100% up to date.  If the staff working for the Association make a change, that change is reflected immediately. Primarily, they wanted to be able to modify their own content, manage their own shop items, all without having to consult a web designer.  This vision has been realised, together with the training necessary to ensure they are as successful as possible with their new internet portal.

Park Farm Liveries

parkfarmliveriesThere was a similar blue swirly header on their original site, which they wanted to keep the look and feel of.  There was also an existing logo (which is currently waiting for an update).  Apart from that, they wanted a new, sleek, modern design, with the ability to create their own content including blog updates.  I created them a new header similar to their original but a bit more modern, and they now have a slider on their front page highlighting their most appealing photographs and most important aspects of their message.

Park Farm Retrievers

parkfarmretrieversFor the Retrievers site, the client wanted to make everything as similar as possible to the newly created Liveries site.  They wanted a new logo, again similar to their Liveries logo and using a specific photo (isn’t he lovely?)